Cover art reveal – Codename Omega: The Traitor in the Tower

The second book in the Codename Omega series is nearly ready so it’s time to reveal what it will look like. The book is called Traitor in the Tower and it is another novella, following immediately on from the first book, Omega Rising. It tells of Jenny’s further adventures as she returns to Grey’s Tower as a spy.

So without further ado, here’s the new front cover:

Traitor in the Tower front cover

And if you want to see the whole thing, here it is with the back text as well:

Traitor in the Tower cover

If you want to see how it compares to the first book, or buy a copy of Omega Rising while you wait for this one, check it out on Amazon.

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Library giveaway

In my last post, I announced a giveaway competition in which I would give a copy of Shadows of Tomorrow to a UK library nominated by you. I only got three nominations, which was a little disappointing. On the positive side though, three is a manageable number. Rather than do what I’d planned, which was to narrow down a longer list through a voting round, I’m going to give a copy to all three.

So the winning libraries are:

  • University of York library
  • Woodley library
  • Barnsley Central library

I’ll be sending all three their copies this week.

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Nominate a library

As a Christmas present, I will be donating a copy of my latest novel, Shadows of Tomorrow, to a library somewhere in the UK. It could be your local library.

For the next week, until 5th December, I’m taking nominations. Simply leave a comment on this blog post, mention me on Twitter or reply to the tumblr post giving the name of the library. On 5th December, I will close the nomination stage and open it to voting. Voting will close on 12th December and then I will send the book to the winning library.

So if you want to get a copy of Shadows of Tomorrow into a library near you, tell me which library and then get your friends to join in the voting in stage two.

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New book: Shadows of Tomorrow

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but it seems fitting to return with an announcement for my new novel, Shadows of Tomorrow.

Shadows of Tomorrow is a sci-fi adventure featuring parallel universes, ravenous monsters, martial arts, treason, love and a guy who can remember his future. It’s the story of Gareth Walker, who fights to protect his world from an invasion from another universe, helped by a gift of remembering events that have yet to come. However, when there is an attack he didn’t see coming, his gift becomes suspect and everything he thinks he knows is thrown into doubt. As he is drawn towards a major battle, he is aware of a shadow in future that he can’t see past. Is this his death?

Shadows of Tomorrow is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Ebook reboot

When my first novel, Child of the Hive, was published, I wanted an ebook version. Unfortunately, at the time, the publisher didn’t do ebooks. Sometime later, Book Guild decided to change that policy for new books, but they weren’t going to do ebook versions of their existing catalogues. After several exchanges, I managed to convince them to do an ebook version of Child of the Hive.

Book Guild had an exclusivity deal with Amazon, which meant that Child was available on Kindle. I had recently purchased a Nook as an ebook reader. This meant I had an ebook and an ebook reader, but couldn’t get the one on the other. I found it amusing that this split of file types meant that I couldn’t read my own book on my own ebook reader.

The contract I signed with Book Guild had an expiry date, after which all rights would revert to me. This included ebook rights. Because of how it was set up, if the Child of the Hive ebook remained on the site, royalties would continue to go to Book Guild. This would put them in breach on the contract, so they took the ebook down. It was then up to me to publish it again.

I had the files from Book Guild. They sent me a document claiming it to be in the right format and just needing uploading. Several hours of fixing formatting errors later, I was ready to upload it. I put the book back on Amazon, available to purchase in Kindle format for £1.95. The annoying thing is that because I had to publish it again under my name, the reviews which were there on the previous version have now vanished into the ether. So if you do buy a copy of the ebook, please leave a review. I wish it were possible to merge the versions of the book so that all the five star reviews on the hardback edition would appear for the paperback and ebook editions.

The good thing about all of this is that I’m not bound by the same exclusivity deal, so I’ve also published the book on Smashwords, where it’s available in a wide variety of ebook formats. So I can now download a copy in the right format to put on my Nook. More than three years after the book was originally published, I can now get my ebook on my ebook reader.

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New Twitter Competition

I’m celebrating the launch of Child of the Hive in paperback with a small competition. I will be giving away a signed copy of Child of the Hive as the prize. To enter the competition, simply post a message on Twitter with a link to the Amazon page for the Child of the Hive paperback. Be sure to include the hash tag #childofthehive for your tweet to be included.

The competition closes at midnight GMT on Wednesday 30th November.

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Child of the Hive paperback

My first novel, Child of the Hive, is available for pre-order in paperback edition. The official release date for this edition is 24th November.

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New Teaser Video

I’ve posted a new video offering a brief taste of Child of the Hive. This uses some of the footage we shot for the video played at the launch party.


Watch the video on YouTube.

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Child of the Hive – extract reading

This is a short video of me reading an extract from near the start of Child of the Hive. In this piece, Alex is pulled from her normal life into an unexpected adventure.

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Child of the Hive: now in ebook

Just a quick news flash. My novel, Child of the Hive, is now available from Amazon in Kindle format.

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